Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Finding the new you

Something shifts in you the moment you fall pregnant. You start to think of this little life you dream of the possibilities, how they will grow and develop. The exciting adventures they will have. You shift from always thinking about yourself (well I did) to putting another person first – always!

It is natural, the mothering instinct, there is probably chemical changes in your brain that make it that way. It is hard to prioritise anything else – unless you are given the space.

As part of this new role as mother (and for me it was not an anticipated role) you are trying to find this new part for you to play – your new identity. Of being a nurturing, role model and yet still driving your business forward. Often the 2 worlds will clash. Often you will feel under pressure with the combination of the Western Worlds ‘we are doing it all and need no help’ statement with the pressure you put on yourself to ‘keep up appearance’.

In amongst this you start to question what it is that is your life purpose. Is it to be mum? Is it to go back to work? Is it to do what you have always been doing? Or are you going to find something new?
Does a planned and anticipated pregnancy mean that you have already thought all of this out, and is reality the same as the plan?

I felt so much shift in my world – stuff that was important pre-child no longer was important, infact it just added to the pressure. So what was I really looking for to fulfill myself, earn an income and be the best mother I could be.

I had to first let go of any control on life I thought I had. To plan what I could and accept what I couldn’t. To live for this moment in time only. To develop systems in both my house and more importantly in my business that allowed me to what I felt was my purpose and to make money.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and trying out things. I am getting closer to the realisation of what I am working towards.

The older I am getting and the more I am growing with my girl, the more I understand about myself, what I want and what I don’t want. I just need to keep focused on creating an income from doing the things I enjoy and not doing the things I dislike. 

What does your new identity look like? How have your priorities changed (if at all)? Share with us in the comments

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