Monday, 15 January 2018

Plan for a successful 2018

New Years Eve resolutions are a funny thing - often made up on the spot - and not robust enough to last the year. I don't make them anymore preferring instead to set goals for myself and then break them down into actions that I can achieve on a daily basis.

Are you already working on your 2018 goals?

Possibly, your end of 2017 was so full on you missed the chance to stop and think about it - take our planning challenge to help you

Maybe you have started the year and already being sidetracked into other people's priorities and losing focus on your own goals. Do you need some accountability in the mix of support?

Are you still lucky enough to be on holidays. Spending time with your children, hopefully resting. Are you excited about jumping back into your business and reaching your goals. Seeing the opportunities that come to you this year, how you will grow and how your business will grow.

Whatever state you are in at the moment, here are my tips to making sure you stay focused all year long:

1. Be connected to your goals - they need to excite you and inspire you
2. Have conversations with trusted people to always improve your goals
3. Ask for help when things get too much - automate or outsource
4. Be accountable - find a group or person who will keep you accountable to what you say you are going to do
5. Use a planner. Break the goals down into quarterly, monthly and weekly actions and goals
6. Put them somewhere you will always see. Be reminded of them. Don't be led astray

If, like me you are waiting for school to go back do not stress - not long now! Enjoy your 2018.

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